Monday, April 12, 2010

The Broken Wing

A large black crow dragging a broken wing hopped up my sidewalk,  jumped up the step to my front porch and flipped over to lie on its back directly in front of my door. The crow was very still, except for lifting its head and looking around. When I walked out the door and stood next to it, the crow would turn its head and watch me but not move other than that. After about an hour, I called Animal Rescue and they said they would come get the crow and repair its wing if  I would put a box over it. When the crow saw the box, it was able to jump up and fly several yards. Animal Rescue picked it up and told me they would release the crow when the wing healed.  Named it Larry because I thought it would be back with Moe and Curly.   ;)    There are a lot of crows around my house, usually at least three! 

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