Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Salad Levitation

I went shopping and out to lunch at the mall. Since it was a nice day and very crowded inside, I took my lunch out to the patio and found one tiny table near the wall was still available. About halfway through lunch a sudden, extremely strong, gust of wind hit my back and swirled around me. The package I was holding in my lap was blown to the floor at my feet in spite of my best efforts to hold on to it. Then my salad plate lifted from the table and floated through the air to the center of the aisle. It hovered there about 5 feet above the floor for several seconds and then started spinning, tossing salad out in a circle as it spun. After spinning most of the salad onto the floor, the plate paused momentarily, still suspended in mid-air, then turned upside down and dumped the remaining lettuce onto the floor before it made a direct dive under a table across the aisle. There were no gusts of wind anywhere else on that patio! It was like watching a Harry Potter movie.

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